What went wrong?

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All I can say after watching this is I’m glad the officers resigned. Actually, the female officer probably didn’t have to, she could’ve stayed on the force had she tried. She just walked up on the escalated situation. She had to trust her partner in case something did happen. In case there was an incident, stopping and questioning her partner could’ve caused more problems… But yeah, he messed up.

From what I can tell, it seems as thought the male officer became agitated when the mother of Yourse didn’t answer her phone. He could’ve just checked with the neighbor if he was that suspicious… you know… like how he told him to… like four different times. I think he was ready to arrest this guy whether he actually did something wrong or not. I think I was right. The male officer was also the one who escalated the situation. By poking Yourse in the chest, he created a more hostile environment, which should have never even happened.

I think the commentators on the video are absolutely right. I mean, they’re officers themselves so I didn’t think they’d be wrong. The male officer became dominance oriented instead of goal oriented, like how the commentators said. Like I said earlier, I think he made the mental switch when the call to the mother didn’t go through, and then acted on it when Yourse made the final phone call. The way this was handled is a great example of what minority communities go through every damn day. Unwarranted oppression and violence always seems to come to them, never do they seek it out.

After watching this video, as question ran through my mind. The officers watching the video can pinpoint exactly what they did wrong. If everyone knows this, then why do these events keep happening?

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