United Airlines… wtf??

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As most of you know, United Airlines is under scrutiny for beating a passenger and forcefully dragging him off a plane in order to make room for United employees. According to the Washington Post, some United employees needed to get on that flight in order to get to their assigned post the next morning. I have a question about that reasoning. Can they not stand? I don’t know where the flight was heading to, but if they couldn’t drive there, they probably could’ve sat on the floor of the plane. It was irresponsible of the employees for not being where they needed to be in the first place. Doing something as heinous and inhumane as that is simply unjustifiable. I hope that man sues the pants off United. The least he deserves is a bathtub full of money.

As I was watching this video, I was reminded of the psychological phenomenon that revolved around a girl who was murdered in the 1960’s, Kitty Genovese. While she was being stabbed to death, people heard and people watched; but no one called the police. For this man, people did the same thing. People screamed and said “What are doing?” “Look what you did!” But no one stood up. No one blocked the path of the men who had beaten the passenger. I’m not blaming the passengers, I just think it’s interesting how things played out on the play that day.

Treating someone like this is inhumane; especially when all he did was say “no.” Wether or not he was treated like that because he was a minority isn’t the main issue here. It’s the fact that beating someone up in public is more acceptable to corporations than losing money by having to route another plane. Does United care more about arrival time? Perhaps. I think what they mainly care about is making money.

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