Today’s Youth and their Obsession with Texting

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Throughout my life I have been pondering primarily one thing. Other thought consume me from time to time, but there are some things that a person just thinks about every day. This is one of things. I have for you today, prepared a question. Why do today’s youth feel the need to be in constant communication? I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve heard others complain about how long it has taken their significant others to respond to their text. Why does my generation feel insulted when they aren’t acknowledged immediately?

Personally, I don’t think a person’s feelings coincide with how quickly they respond or don’t respond to a text. Is it nice to hear from your friends or the person you admire every now and again? Of course. Is sending them a text asking them how their day went too much? No. Is getting mad at them because they didn’t reply to your text in under a minute justifiable? Not at all. Wanting a response every three minutes while both of you have class/assignments/other commitments/nap time is absurd. I promise, just because someone does not reply to your “lol” in 30 seconds does not mean that they are mad at you. It also does not mean they’re cheating on you. Most of us jump to a conclusion without having any evidence at all, which in the long run will cause more problems.

On Twitter, people joke about not getting a text on time and getting mad about it. Some of them are pretty funny I have to admit, others are just overbearing and irritating. When people start to actually get riled up over late texts, then it’s not funny anymore. As chill as my generation is, sometimes we just lose it over the dumbest things.

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