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I don’t really listen to podcasts. If I had to pick one, it would be If I Were You. It’s a show where people write in to these two guys and ask them for advice. These two dudes are obviously from a privileged home, as are most of their listeners. I listen to it because I love to laugh at upperclass people and their so-called ‘issues’. Whatever ‘tough time’ they’re going through is always, in a word, pathetic.

My favorite episode of the show was where one kid wrote in complaining about how he couldn’t take his baton on his families private jet to the Bahamas. Comedian Bo Burnham is guest starring on this episode, which is one reason why this is one is my favorite, and all three of guys just rip this kid up. Now, they do actually try and help ease his worry, but mainly they just make fun of how privileged he is. Is it kind of mean? Well, yes. This kid’s life has been to easy, I think he can stand being made fun of for 10 minutes.

(Rated R for Strong Language)

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