I miss Vine.

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I have so much free time on my hands and until recently, I didn’t know where all of it came from. Now I know, it’s because Vine was shut down. A lot of creative, stupid, wonderful things came from that app, and now my generation loses the chance to see them. Every time I’m on twitter and I see a vine thread, I get teary eyed rsembereing what once was. I never made vines myself, but I revived like nobody’s business. I was on it every day there for a little while. Is that healthy? No, not at all. Did I waste an unbelievable amount of time? Absolutely. But sometimes, I feel it’s necessary to waste some time and I don’t consider all the time I spent on the app wasted. Certain vines made me feel better about myself. Some vines made me feel very smart because the people in them most definitely were not. Some vines made me feel very fortunate because I wasn’t being made fun of on the internet. I realize I’m digging way deeper into this than I should but I really miss Vine lol.

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