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This commercial produced by Heineken was more or less a response to the Pepsi commercial I wrote about last month. This commercial and that commercial are worlds apart. Heineken really out did itself, and I say that with the utmost respect. This is how an ad about a drink bringing people together should go. This is the example.

I’ll be the first to admit, when I first heard that white dude in a suit say, I got triggered. Actually a lot of what the white guys said got me triggered. Can you tell that I am liberal? As I was watching I tried to keep an open mind. Like the strangers in the commercial, I had no idea what was going to happen. As the ice breaker continued, I had a breakthrough myself. People are more than their beliefs. I shouldn’t discount someone just because they voted a certain way. People are people, I think everyone should keep that in mind.

Back to the commercial.

When they played the videos for each other, I started cringing. When the camera showed the reactions of the participants I got nervous. When the camera panned over to the woman in the white I knew right then that she was transgender, or it at least had affected her life in a massive way. When the camera panned over to her opposite, I felt the man in the sweaters ignorance. I would like to think he had kind of an “oh shit moment I didn’t realize what I had said.”

Then the fun part. I love that “You can stay talk about this over a beer,” was a stage. When the man in the blue sweater walked away, my heart dropped. Then I saw the women laugh and he came back and said he was joking. Each pair stayed an talked about their differences. This shows that anyone can sit down and discuss things. People, more so in America it seems like, get too riled up and too fixated on protesting and violence. If we can take a step back and actually listen to both sides, we might come to an agreement. When the only thing we do is scream out our own opinion, we lose sight of the end goal. Making the world better.


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