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I have found the light. Never have I been so foolish. Never have I been so… oblivious. NEVER HAVE I EVER been so out of the loop. What as I talking about? Well, if you are unaware, on OUWifi you can stream live TV courtesy of Cox Contour. I found this out this semester. Boy, am I moronic. I didn’t realize I could watch TV here in Norman. I thought I would have to wait until someone illegally uploaded my favorite shows and put it on the internet, or I would have to drive back to OKC. I wasn’t planning on doing the latter, therefore, sitting and waiting for internet savvy kids to do my dirty work was what I did; for an entire semester!

After the initial shock wore off and I actually began using contour, I started to think maybe it was a good thing I found out about this so late. It has been both a blessing and a curse in many ways. Now, I can now watch every Thunder game live, but I also put off my assignments. I can watch shows that aren’t on Netflix, but I stay up studying later than I should because I watched Contour before I did my homework. If I was to actually prioritize my life, I wouldn’t be in this jam; but honestly, what are the odds of that happening? I know myself really well, so I’m going to guess slim to none.

This is a magical thing that the University of Oklahoma has bestowed upon its student body. Never again will I curse the name of David Boren, saying he doesn’t care about his students. He does… Well, not the greeks… or the non national merit scholars… or the non athletes… Basically, as long as you aren’t an average greek, you’re fine.

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